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Terms and Condition

Bidding Increments

1 - 9 € = 1 € step
10 - 99 € = 2 € steps
100 - 999 € = 5 € steps
1000 - 9999 € = 15 € steps

  • You can place the maximum bid you want. We will bid incrementally on your behalf up to your maximum bid , which is kept secret from other users.
  • Please remember: your bid is a contract - place a bid only if you're serious about buying the shell. When you are the winning bidder, you purchase the shell(s) from Conchology, Inc.
  • Shell(s) that remain unpaid after 2 weeks will be re-auctioned.
  • Sorry, no discounts on auction items.
  • Postage and handling: read this info regarding the postage and handling.
  • When winning an auction, the amount shown on this auction site is the amount to pay: no arguing please!

Official Auction Time

Official Conchology, Inc. Auction Time is the CET time on the Conchology, Inc. servers hosted in a Brussels Datacenter, Belgium. If you find a reference to the auction time, you can use that to calculate the time in your area.

The Official Auction Time is now: Thursday, October 19, 2017 18:05:07 CET

How does the auction counter works on your screen:

The countdown you see is not a real-time feed of bids or time coming into our server and the server clock counting down. Rather, it is a script that runs on your computer and calls for updates on the auction status about every 3 seconds. It uses the time remaining from those updates to start your own computer's clock counting down from the time the page loads or the last successful update, and displays the "current bid" and your status as of the last successful update. The accuracy greatly depends on a fast Internet connection with no 'lag' or 'latency' and an up-to-date computer with the latest software versions installed.

It is important to understand that the only time that matters is the time of the server in Belgium. So make sure that if want to place a bid on the auction; you place your bid before the end of the server time and do not heavily rely on the display time in your browser.

For last second bidders the risk is even higher as the latency between your computer and the server is greatly dependent on the speed and quality of the Internet. The delay can easily be 2 to 4 seconds to send, process and return a result in bidding. So be very careful with last second bidding and consider the latency when placing your bid. It is one of the reasons that we introduced a Maximum Bid.


  • An invoice including postage will be sent to your email address registered with us, keep your emails updated so we can reach you.
  • All orders have to be paid in advance. When we receive the payment, the parcel will be mailed immediately to you.

We accept the following payments :

  • US $ Bank transfer in the Philippines
  • Euro Bank transfer in Belgium
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Western Union


Conchology, Inc. has a very strict privacy policy. The received personal information is not given to third parties.


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