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Textilia cervus GIANT - 1054436
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Winner : darkini06
Species: Textilia cervus GIANT
Author: (Lamarck, 1822)
Size: 119.9 mm
Locality: Philippines. Balut Island. 100-150 m. 2003.

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Textilia cervus GIANT - 1054436


This is one of the 50 Rare Shells of Peter Dance: he retraces the history of this fabulous Conus that was once thought to be possibly a "C. bullatus". There was much speculation as where this species lived, until in the eighties some pieces turned up from the deep water around remote Balut Island. It is still rare today and a fine+ adult piece is until now a rarity: most shells have a thin lip and/or are heavily speckled micro holes on the ventral side. There are quite a number of poor quality items around, in strong contrast with the few "nice cervus".

I took the opportunity to reread Dance (1969) and Walls (1978). Even the latter author doubted at the time of writing on the validity of this wonderful large species, at that time considered a possible variant of bullatus!

While early sources all pointed to "Amboina, Indonesia, or Moluccas" for the locality data, most modern shells come from Balut Island, in the far southern Philippines.

We here have a gigantic piece of not less than 119.9 mm, only 0,1 mm short from 12 cm. The volume of the shell near the shoulder is impressive. This is the second large shell we got in Conus cervus, out of 35 pieces handled over the last 14 years.

Estimation: wonderful piece for the Conologist and the connoisseurs of rare and magnificent excellent shells. 750-1000 euro.

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