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Spondylus lamarcki - 1054434
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
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Winner : scott jordan
Species: Spondylus lamarcki
Author: Chenu, 1845
Size: 94.4 mm
Locality: Philippines. Bohol. Talibon. 1-3 m. 2017.

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Spondylus lamarcki - 1054434


The fate of "Spondylus lamarcki" is not glorious until now and it did not get better with the latest Spodylus book by Kevin Lamprell (2003). While the author states that some authors consider S. lamarcki a form of S. squamosus (= s. sinensis), he thinks it is a synonym of S. spinosus Schreibers, 1793. The S. spinosus in his opinion has a huge range, from the Mediterranean to WesternAustralia. On the plate 9 in his book, at least 3, possibly 4 different species are shown as S. spinosus.

The wrong treatment of Spondylus species in the literature is exemplary of poor conchology.

We rather stick to the classic opinion and use the name S. lamarcki for the ink-black colored large Spondylus with white radiating lines, as found in the shallows of the stony reefs in the Visayas. Most of the S. lamarcki are collected snorkeling, although it is a hell of a work to get one piece intact in the pocket. The shells are heavily attached to their substratum indeed.

We here deal with an exceptional specimen that has also "spines". Already K. Lamprell states that adults have poorly sculptured shells without spines, while very young shells may have long spines. This is the exception on the rule where the adult - 94 mm - has well developed white spines.

Estimation: a rarity, seldom seen: lamarcki with spines. 100-150 euro or more if knowledgeable Spondylus-lovers step in.

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