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Neptunea fukueae - 1054428
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Winner : esl
Species: Neptunea fukueae
Author: Kira, 1959
Size: 70.9 mm
Locality: East China Sea. Trawled. 100-150 m. 2017.

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Neptunea fukueae - 1054428


SIZES: 70.9 mm; 61.9 mm; 55 mm; 41.3 mm; 36.1 mm; 28.6 mm; 24 mm.

As collectors we all have our frustrations and learning times. One of my learning times was as a young boy, I must have been about seventeen, and it was in the only serious shell shop in Brussels in the early seventies: the one kept by Charles Geerts, somewhere in a Gallery on the beautiful and prestigious "Sablon" place. While I was with Charles who took the patience to teach me at that time - once in a while - a man stepped in: his name was Willems and he had a certain 'renommée' as a shell collector. He started discussing with Charles the very impossibility to get a gem Neptunea antiqua for his already very extensive collections and offered a tremendous price. Which I cannot remember, but in my souvenirs, the feeling was as "very impossible." I thought a lot on that affair and later I browsed thousands of antiqua and the late Willems and Charles Geerts were very right: a gem antiqua proved a major rarity, I found only one in my time of active European Seashells collecting - out of thousands.

We here offer an impressive growth series of the East China Sea Neptunea fukuaea, and the above text explains why I am so impressed with the quality of these shells. N. fukuaea has a silky gloss patina of exquisite beauty. Fraussen & Terryn do not justice to this handsome Neptunea as their two white shells on plate 137 disappear between the larger ones. They claim "Color white, occasionally pale yellowish".

The fukuae lives in two small areas: between Japan and Korea and south of Kagoshima, in the East China Sea.

Estimation: the set offered here is quite special on itself, and very impossible to get "on command". When placed in a row in the showcase, a nice spectacle to look at. We think 75 euro for the set is perfect. Possibly collectors may find it worth more...

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