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Monetaria annulus DOUBLE RING - 1053800
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
Bid History : 14 bids
Winner : jhouran
Species: Monetaria annulus DOUBLE RING
Author: (Linnaeus, 1758)
Size: 18.6 mm
Locality: Philippines. Olango Island. 10-25 m. 2017.

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Monetaria annulus DOUBLE RING - 1053800


The genus name "Monetaria" is easy to understand: this means "mint" in English, but of course in the case of cowries it refers to "money". The Monetaria moneta and annulus were indeed the main "coins" for centuries, first in China, later in Africa. They were in use until the 1960-years in some parts of central Africa.

"Annulus" is he Latin for "Ring" and in the case of this money cowry, the ring refers to the circle of "gold" surrounding the dorsum.

In rare cases, one out of millions, the ring is "double" as in the shell offered here. Still today, millions of annulus are fished to make decorative objects. On remote Islands, such as Olango, women go sitting together under a tree in the afternoon and while exchanging the news of the village, they work hard making things out of "annulus" cowries. When they spot a double ringed one as the present piece, they put the shell apart for the passing shell dealer... and in this case we were lucky to get it offered to us.

Estimation: wonderful item, a must for all Cypraeologists and connoisseurs. Grand curiosity and beautiful. We got only 13 pieces in 14 years... 75-100 euro.


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