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Angaria sphaerula SPECIAL COLOR - 1053795
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
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Winner : RampupA2
Species: Angaria sphaerula SPECIAL COLOR
Author: (Kiener, 1873)
Size: 61.4 mm
Locality: Philippines. Balut Island. Tangle nets. 100-150 m. 2017.

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Angaria sphaerula SPECIAL COLOR - 1053795


This is a famous species, figured already by Albertus Seba (1734) - in what is the most expensive book ever sold recently. A re-edition has been published by Taschen and is a must for shell collectors and nature lovers. The Seba shells were sold to Peter the Great, the Russian tsar. Later Dance retraced the history of this species and we had to wait until the 1970's before shells became accessible to the collectors.

Many, sometimes I think even most, of the "Dance" type sphaerula come from Zamboanga, but this specimen has been taken with tangle nets in Balut Island, considerably more south.

The shell starts in red and changes in golden browns and later in saturated greens as one moves towards the aperture. We call this type the "Dance" type as it corresponds to the shell figured on plate 2 in the 1969 work "50 Rare Shells" by Peter Dance. That very specimen came from the "Tizard Bank in the China Sea". In Google earth you can see the Tizard banks, which are offshore the western coast of Palawan.

While the present sphaerula belongs to the same form as the Tizard banks shell, it is definitely much more impressive with broader spines and a more impressive coloration.

Estimation: Similar shells usually auction between 125 and 325 euro, with an average of slightly more than 200 euro.


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