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Cypraea tigris SPECIAL COLOR - 1046561
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
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Winner : RampupA2
Species: Cypraea tigris SPECIAL COLOR
Author: Linnaeus, 1758
Size: 86.6 mm
Locality: Philippines. Olango Island. 10-25 m. 2017.

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Cypraea tigris SPECIAL COLOR - 1046561


The young tigers are usually greenish with sparse dark blotches. Not so in this case where the pattern is more complicate.

The background is light greenish-gray with a soupçon of blue, covered with dark zigzag lines. These lines are well visible between the blotches. But on the lower half, only two rows of blotches formed, leaving two pale bands of "unpatterned" shells.

This shell is the more fascinating as it cannot be called a truly "young" specimen: the specimen is quite heavy already, with a thick base with teeth on both sides and white as usual. In fact a young adult.

Estimation: A masterpiece among the tiger cowries. 150 euro or more.

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