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Turriconus excelsus - 1043126
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
Bid History : 17 bids
Winner : jhouran
Species: Turriconus excelsus
Author: (G. B. Sowerby III, 1908)
Size: 72.9 mm
Locality: Philippines. Balut Island. 80-150 m. 2017.

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Turriconus excelsus - 1043126


Conus excelsus: A famous species, the early history has been documented by P. Dance in his Rare shells (1969).

Dance writes that the locality "New Caledonia" from the original description is possibly erroneous, but with the knowledge of today, this is no longer true: the MNHN got gigantic - but poor quality pieces - in their dredgings around New Caledonia.

This is the rarest of the sacred trinity in Conus: C. gloriamaris, C. milneedwardsi and C. excelsus. Peter Dance concludes his text (in 1969 apparently only 3 were known) as follows "A freshly collected specimen must be a lovely object." He was very right.

We did not see splendid excelsus for a couple of years because the tangle nets in Balut had been decimated. The true reason behind that was that the population on Balut turned to copra production - coconut for oil. Because of a long dry period, the harvest of copra was disastrous and three months ago all started fishing shells once more. From where the current appearance of Balut shells on the market at present.

We purchased this particular excelsus because of the fantastic contrasted pattern where strong lines alternate with two perfect solid orange-olive colored spiral bands. A wonder of nature in pristine condition.

Estimation: We start at our buying price of 250 euro. For the ones that want a better than average excelsus. A sister specimen of this piece was auctioned for 555 euro in December 2013 and in September 2012 a larger (80 mm) shell with virtually the same color but slightly less good than this one went for 1145 euro.


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