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Buccinum leucostoma - 1035082
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
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Winner : shl
Species: Buccinum leucostoma
Author: Lischke, 1872
Size: 81.8 mm
Locality: Japan. Honshu. Aichi-Ken. Mikawa-Issiki. 200 -250 m. June 1990.

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Buccinum leucostoma - 1035082


At first sight we find 10 photographs of this species in our close literature. But twice we see that the same photo was used in different books. The world likely learned first about B. leucostoma in Kira his 1959 book of Colored Illustrations of the shells of Japan. He there shows a periostracum covered heavily ribbed piece.

The Holotype has been figured by Higo, Callomon & Goto (2001) in their bible of Japanese shells. That piece measures a very little less than the present shell (78 mm).

The nice shell offered now resembles as two drops of water the leucostoma figured twice by Okutani: Once in the Marine Mollusks of Japan (2000) and once in Okutani & Iwahori (1992) on the Bathyal zone of Tosa Bay (in Venus).

So, this is a classic from the Continental shelves, but not often seen in collections.

Estimation: we offered a smaller (72 mm) for auction in April 2017 and it reached 125 euro. We think about the same for this shell which is in fine+ condition. There is indeed a thin growth line on the outer lip and minor chipping on the lower part of the aperture, but all in all very excellent quality for a Buccinid of the genus Buccinum.

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