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Leporicypraea rosea aliwalensis SPECIAL COLOR - 1035035
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
Bid History : 4 bids
Winner : jkampe6
Species: Leporicypraea rosea aliwalensis SPECIAL COLOR
Author: Lorenz, 2002
Size: 70.6 mm
Locality: South Africa. KwaZulu-Natal. 2017.

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Leporicypraea rosea aliwalensis SPECIAL COLOR - 1035035


In the December number of "Beautifulcowries Magazine" of 2014 two brave collectors attacked the puzzle of the "mappa", for which, they write, Gino Raybaudii never got the time to publish his findings.

Personally, I like the result of their research, and it fits well with the material we handled in the past, which number a total of 3200 pieces in a lapse of time of 14 years. We reclassified all according to their "system" in our Encyclopedia.

We now got what they call the L. rosea "aliwalensis" subspecies from South African KwaZulu land. This is on the planet the most southern subspecies of the mappa complex (rosea and mappa together).

It is a splendid example of the rosea aliwalensis with a typical confused dorsal line and an irregular and "slightly overlying" dorsal pattern. One of the best ever. Compare with the shells of Bergonzoni & Passamonti of the Beautiful cowries magazine. Look at the splendid callus with dark brown borders on both ends of this shell and the big patch of almost solid melted chocolate on the dorsum.

Estimation: For mappa lovers this is an ultimate item. But also connoisseurs of special and amazing cowries will love this rosea. We auctioned this particular subspecies in the past twice for between 165 and 175 euro. We have no other auction material left in this beautiful form.

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