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Ovatipsa chinensis violacea SPECIAL COLOR - 1035028
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
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Winner : rniels
Species: Ovatipsa chinensis violacea SPECIAL COLOR
Author: (Rous, 1905)
Size: 29.8 mm
Locality: South Africa. KwaZulu-Natal. Dredged. About 100 m deep. 2017.

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Ovatipsa chinensis violacea SPECIAL COLOR - 1035028


The present cowry is a grand rarity of great beauty because of the strong orange base with purple spots, the elegant oviform shape and the curious absence of the usual "chinensis blotches" on the dorsum. Looks almost as a different species. Combined with a nice size.

In the literature this item has, as far as I could check, been mentioned only once: on page 140 of Lorenz & Hubert (2000) we read: "In southern Natal inflated specimens of chinensis with orange base and margins were found, resembling coloba conchologically. Similar shells were described (as subspecies c. somaliana) from the Somalian coast on account of their geographically and conchologically intermediate position."

This Natal shell is almost twice the size of these somaliana.

Estimation: An opportunity for the cowry collectors to add a well sized rarity to the cabinet. This is our third highly unusual deep water Zululand chinensis we auction, the other pieces went between 75 and 170 euro. We think 100 euro is a perfect pricing. The shell has, under strong light, some irregularities such as covered growth lines, especial towards the siphonal canal. This influences the price, even hardly visible in reality.

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