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Oliva vidua SET - 1023467
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
Bid History : 1 bid
Winner : boodrick1000
Species: Oliva vidua SET
Size: 47.7 mm
Locality: Philippines. Negros. Cadiz. 10-25 m. 2017.

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Oliva vidua SET - 1023467


BLACK = 44.6 mm; YELLOW-GREEN = 47.7 mm.

Oliva vidua is an impressive Oliva which comes in a considerable number of variations. Occasionally these variations melt down in each other: not common, but also not extremely rare.

The typical vidua is a black "very black" shell, glossy and beautiful. It is what is occasionally called "vidua vidua". It is an uncommon form.
The form AURATA is a GRAND RARITY. There are few in collections, and we could only handle one piece a year since in the Philippines.

So, in this auction it is all about the aurata. We joined the typical BLACK one for aesthetic purposes: they look good together.

In the literature we noticed only a few "aurata": two very orange shells: Zeigler & Porreca (1969) and Tursch & All (2001) and further two orange-green shells as the present one: Robin (2008) and Sargent & Petuch in Poppe (2008)

Estimation: Rarissime color form, few known, beautiful. We auctioned 3 more such shells in the past for between 49 and 67 euro each. This is the second last one we have.

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