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Vituliconus vitulinus - 1016950
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  (ending: Sep 04, 2017 14:00 CET)
Bid History : 2 bids
Winner : jkampe6
Species: Vituliconus vitulinus
Size: 65.6 mm
Locality: Philippines. Bohol. Talibon. 15 m. 2016.

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Vituliconus vitulinus - 1016950


A pleasing Vituliconus. This genus was considered not so very noble until recently but it now proves to contain some true marvels in each of its species.

Indeed shells are stunningly variable and the different "species" are sometimes difficult to distinguish. This vitulinus - easy to recognize and differentiated from the close ferrugineus because of the "sharper" shape - has amazing colors.

The background in this shell is unusually white and the pattern consists of strongly well designed irregular black striae.

We figured four vitulinus with "grand" colors in Poppe, Poppe & Tagaro (2014). it is one of my very preferred Vituliconus.

This is a quite large and fine+ shell, small growth line on outer lip, hard to notice (but can be seen in the photo upper left - repair on demand.) The shell is heavily spirally ribbed on the lower half, the ribs getting strong above the siphonal canal. This is unusual and makes the piece also interesting for students.

Estimation: This vitulinus was auctioned late January but the winning bidder disappeared and did not pay, fortunately a rare case in our auctions - but it happens once in a while. At that time this wonderful Conus ended at the low 38 euros. We hope for more this time, and estimate the value at around 75 euro. Size and exceptional color combined. Also a "tactile" piece.

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